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Glass Bones

by Lausch

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Josh Talented alt/rock band, but definitely more towards the rock side of things. Well put together harmonies, melodies and all around song writing on top of stellar production quality, what is there not to like?...and thanks again MILK+ for showing me this too! Favorite track: Glass Bones.
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released October 9, 2015

Additional musicians on this album:
Ines Dallaji: Backing Vocals on Twenty Seconds
David Furrer: Guitar, Backing Vocals on Tortoise
Georg Gabler: Grand Piano, Mini-Moog on Salvador‘s Pain, Here I Stand, Glass Bones

Photos: Andreas Jakwerth
Artwork: Matthias Ledwinka
Heart: Birgit Weinstabl
Produced by Jonathan Gabler, Georg Gabler and Lausch
Recorded by Alexander Lausch and Georg Gabler
Mixes by Alexander Lausch and Georg Gabler
Mastered by Martin Scheer


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Lausch Wien, Austria

The austrian trio LAUSCH delivers a postmodern
structure of
progressive- and alternative rock.
The bands impulsive and slowpumping
style is disarming and hijacks into a
world of enchanting and enthralling vocals. LAUSCH impress with their sense for powerful
rythms, catchy tunes and for dynamic reciprocity of noise and silence.
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Track Name: Salvador's Pain
maybe the time is right to dance in the streets
put your shoes on and run to the rescue
and when the lights go out you’re taking the lead
put your smile on and walk out the door

you are the drug that keeps me going,
keeps me going

maybe the time is right to walk on the water
close your eyes and believe in your demons
and when the tide is high you’ll dance in the streets
oh oh oh oh oh
make use of your powers

time, time is a fiction
we’re wanderers in salvador’s dreams
time, time is a fiction

take your shoes off, you misread the signs
try, there’s no one to blame cause time is a game
and you’re holding the dice
Track Name: Second Rule
I’ve been waiting for this all my life
this is the 2nd rule
seeking shelter when you’re shot on sight
this is the 2nd rule
there has never been no comfort
there has never been no empathy
there will never be no guidance
and no more solace found in dignity

bound to rule supreme
you have to bring me in

I’ve been begging for this all my life
this is the 2nd rule
I’ve been dragging me through hell and back
this is the second rule
no more comfort in the heart that lives inside of me and

no extra special empathy
no more rain to wash away the dream, the dream that show
what you have done to be

bound to rule supreme
you have to bring me in
find me, vouche for me
turn the stone, don’t leave me be
mind me, can’t you see
do not take the light away from me
Track Name: A Game of Fools
I will picture you in trouble
to remind me I was here before
and when the sun goes down I’ll walk into your shadow
cause I believe this is the only place I know

behind my back
you left the light on to make sure I'll find my way
out of this wreck
it's a game of fools and nobody's ahead

you will ask me for my lovers
and I will know you by the trail of blood
and when the game of fools will turn ourselves against each other
you are the only one I trust to swing the sword

is this the life you've always wanted
I’ll never make it out in time
is this the love you've always needed
I guess I never said goodbye
is this the heart that’s always bleeding
you’ll never make it out alive
cause time is what you’ve always needed
I never said goodbye, I never said goodbye
Track Name: Glass Bones
don’t measure me by my words
you would fold
don’t judge me by the things I’ve done
you have been told

on and on and on and on

don’t measure me by the air I breathe
it’s not divine
don’t judge me by the things I leave
I leave behind

on and on and on and on
the broken wheel is turning

all we have is blood and
glass and bones and yet we
bend ourselves to fit a
world of triviality

how can anybody ever think to add something
we’re to small
do you really ever feel that you can add something
anything at all

on and on and on and on
the fields of gold are burning to the ground
Track Name: Here I Stand
every now and then
I turned the leaves and I wondered why
everything was just a bright white lie
and I was the wall it was painted on

I must obey, she said, I must obey

you questioned my integrity
but the walls were to high
and they were closing in

this game is tied
but I’m sure, but I’m sure you hold an ace in your hands
time's on your side
so here I stand, so here I stand

take your hands off the glass
turn the keys and push it inside
set the alarm, we’ve done this before
but this time it’s for real

monologues were what we tried to comprehend
monologues were what we tried to understand
monologues were all we ever had, all we ever had
Track Name: Ignition
I can’t remember how I got here
I messed up pretty bad this time
no need to tell me not to hold on
I can assure you that I tried

I’m not afraid to look into the sun
I just cannot stand the heat
I'm not the one who's always on the run
I'm already on my feet

It’s like I’m looking for my car keys
I’m sure I saw them falling down
I had to step over some bodies
but you were the one who knocked them out

I’m not afraid to look into the sun
I just cannot stand the heat

maybe I’m looking for some trouble
I cannot stand to be on top
maybe some talking to a stranger
he might release me from my oath
and there she goes
where she goes, hell is close
Track Name: Tortoise
stay away and keep the distance
slowly change your state of mind
don’t get fooled by all the headlights
above the water you’ll be fine

keep your head up
keep your head up

I can’t be you
you can’t be me
but I’m sure you can read me
I can’t be you
you can’t be me
you might beat me
but I’m still head under water

stay awake to keep your secrets
cause you’re talking in your sleep
don’t get fooled by all the wisdom
cause one day, water’s all you need
Track Name: Twenty Seconds
it wasn't silence anyway
so no need to hold your breath
I can decide now all the way
take it away or leave it

through your eyes into the bones
twenty seconds all along

a chance to hide your heavy heart made of stone
a chance to waste your precious life all on your own

it wasn't silence anyway
so no need to hold your breath
I can decide now all the way
take it away or leave it

at last we push away what always used to be
to get your twenty seconds back and live

a big black spot is on the sun
my heavy heart is on the run
Track Name: Tide
come undone
you’re out of the trouble
collect your guns
and start to build a fortress out of sand and

move on

don’t play it nice and don’t play it safe, let it go
seems like we are in this together
so we might as well take our time and play it slow and

move on

we’ve got everything together tonight
and we will seal it under ground
maybe some time when the tide isn’t high
we will find what's inside

get off the floor and raise your head
you might go down again
one step ahead of you and one to the side

move on

I've got the feeling that I’ll tell you tonight, I will fail you
I've got the feeling that I’ll go down tonight and I will fail myself

come dance with me

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